Weaving in the Woolshed


Last week I went to my first tapestry weaving lesson. I was inspired to join the class after visiting In the Woolshed at Chase Farm in Kenilworth a few weeks ago.. If you love sheep and hand -dyed yarn then you will love In the Woolshed. I will be sharing a lot more about the Woolshed over the next few months, but for now you may like to have a look at Emma's website to learn how this venture came into being and the ethos behind it.

So why does a knit and crochet designer with more deadlines than she would care to mention take on another craft ? I am always fascinated by different textile traditions and how they can relate to or influence each other. There is quite a lot of preparation, threading up loom etc, but once your bobbins are wound, you soon start to fall into a rhythmic flow. Warp threads, (that's the ones that run vertically) are lifted and the bobbin is passed under the threads. It is a slow process, but one where you immediately feel very connected to what you are doing.I'll let you know how I get on!

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