In an age of filters, Photoshop, social media, and internet overwhelm, relatable women’s media can be difficult to find. True to our name, Sarah Hazell sifts through the noise of the world to elevate what is honest, real, and beautiful for the modern woman—facilitating her connection with the things that matter the most to her through our production of original media, curation of quality content across the web, and in-person events. We’re fostering a movement that doesn’t embrace an “ideal” body type, image, or status—and that doesn’t tell a woman how she’s supposed to be, but instead empowers her to be who she is.

Truly, the world needs more of who women are.

Our Photoshop Policy

Whereas other magazines photoshop to achieve the “ideal” body type and skin, we firmly believe that the unique features of women — be it crows feet, freckles, or a less-than-rock-hard body — contribute to their beauty and don’t need to be removed or changed with Photoshop. Therefore, we never alter the body or facial structure of our models, remove wrinkles or birthmarks, or change the texture of their skin. We aim to show everyone at their best, but also firmly believe that “your best” is not “a work of fiction.”

Our Pen Name Policy

All of our stories are written by real people, vetted and fact checked by our staff. From time to time we will publish pieces under pen names. Typical use of pen names include to protect the family, friends, employment, and relationships of writers discussing intimate matters and to allow more authentic, vulnerable discussion of intimate matters. Editorial questions can be directed to hello[at]sarah-hazell[dot]com.